Hello, Blog?

Well, first post, I guess!

I’m giving Hugo a try as a way to host my occasional ramblings.

It’s not perfect, but the basic static site generator thing makes sense to me and is pretty straightforward. I edit markdown locally, preview with its built in webserver, and then push the generated static content to my machine in the cloud.

I notice that the template (I think) is referencing javascript and crap from various CDNs, which I’m not thrilled about, but will sort out how to fix that later.

Why this? Why now? I blame my friend Joe:

<nebkor> this is totally selfish, and I understand, but I wish you had a regular blog instead of g+
<swetland> me too!
<swetland> g+ is terrible for this
<swetland> but everything else is terrible too. and then I go down the rathole of writing a CMS
<nebkor> *sigh*
<nebkor> yeah
<nebkor> I mean
<geist> geocities man